This is the home of all things hmmkiki. That may involve books, journal prompts, travel pieces, links to other sites that I've been commissioned for and more. See the world through my eyes and thoughts, with the intention for you to think differently and ponder for a moment the next time you book a flight or have a quiet moment with yourself. 
I should also add, that you can hire me as a writer for travel-related articles and motivational social media content.
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"Kirah. This is amazing. So descriptive, I almost felt like I was there. Even more so I really want to go to Madeira now… hmm… next solo visit maybe?”
— Blog comment
“Excellent, matches the brief well, thanks!"

— fiverr.com Customer Review
“Kirah delivered a blog post that suited the brand vision extremely well. She took the time to really comprehend and understand the end goal of the post which aided her in actually delivering something that painted a unique or nuanced take on a common topic we handle every day. Simply put, Kirah devised the blog post we needed, going far above what we just wanted through taking time to do adequate research into the brand.” 

— Director of Musta


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